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About the Black Dwarf Foundation

The Foundation was established in 2008. Our goals are to support and develop various forms of creative activity, to popularize new ideas in the field of culture and art, to support the activities of young artists, to promote valuable and new artistic phenomena in various fields of art, with particular emphasis on visual arts, to carry out animation, social and artistic projects activating local communities, communities at risk of exclusion, intergenerational groups through creative activities.


Since 2009. The Foundation is permanently associated with the Black Dwarf informal art group, bringing together dozens of people in Poland and abroad, artists, but not only. Joint social and artistic projects create a space to meet, exchange experiences, build relationships and integrated local and supra-local communities. It is also a space for artistic development.


Łukasz Owczarzak

Board Member

photographer, cinematographer, editor


Beata Opic

Chairman of the Foundation Board

career counselor, manager, entertainer

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