Eye Never Sleeps – THE FACE AND THE MASK


Eye Never Sleeps
The Face and The Mask
July 01 – 04, 2018

The Palace of Ostromecko, The Court of Artus,Toruń, BWA Bydgoszcz City Gallery

2018 International Noncoincidental Encounters Eye Never Sleeps will be held for the fifth time. Since the very beginning we have been treating these events as a celebration of miscellaneous visual arts hosting dozens of remarkable artists. Thanks to discussions, concerts, lectures or presentations, many collaborative projects have emerged, engaging many artists and scientists from all over the world. In 2018, the festival will take place at the Palace of Ostromecko, the Court of Artus in Toruń and BWA City Gallery in Bydgoszcz. The
main theme this year is The Face and The Mask and its ideological basis has been formulated by Prof. Zbigniew Mikołejko:
„The constant pursuit to, by any means, tear our mask off and show our real face, has, for about halfcentury, become one of the most important imperatives of a modern world, almost one of the dogmas of today‘s culture. It has become a nodal and ruling problem of art, literature and various fields of knowledge (philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology of culture or theology). It has become a challenge of our lives and a rule, more and more empowered and elevated by mass culture and even more by virtual reality. This is where drastic measures are taken in pursuit of one‘s self , of authentic „being-in-the-world“, or even compulsive manifestation, in various ways, „the truth“
about one‘s life. Thus escaping from what makes our mask towards what seems to be the face.
It refers both to public and private spheres or even intimacy. It refers both to global or universal space and local communities or culture. It makes the boundaries between what is public and personal, what is universal and local become weak, blurred, obliterated. As a result, it creates a utopian nostalgia – yearning for a return to privacy, separation or staying aside of the road, in the old boundaries, set by tradition. That utopian choice, however, does not cancel primeval questions about authencity and non-authencity, about illusion and truth, about what constitutes one‘s face and one‘s mask.

So does the mask veil or does it bare? Does it hide one‘s real face, the deepest I, or on the contrary: reveals one‘s nature, showing a real desires and features, especially the ones we are not aware of or do not want to know about?
Can one live without a mask at all, to live an authentic, not hypocrytical „bare life“. Finally – is art, as some would claim, simply a mask? If so, is it just an illusion or paradoxical way towards authentic existence and the truth that we cannot or just do not wish to remember about in our daily being.

Regardless of how we answer these questions, the face and the mask perpetuate their strikingly close relationship. Relationship that represents one of the most basic existential drama: constant, disturbing desire to unveil – to oneself as well as to others – one‘s own sense and non-fake reality of one’s self, which is doomed to struggle against non-self, against what is strange and not-ours in ourselves.
After all, not by accident, a latin word persona, in ancient times meaning a theatre mask, became a synonym of a word person, which represents what is distinct in ourselves, unique, characteristic for an individual.

The fifth consecutive edition of Eye Never Sleeps will take the challenge to enter on that vast, dramatic and fascinating range of dilemmas, questions and problems. We will examine their expression in art, traditional and modern notions in their global and local culture manifestations, in the aspect of experiencing them in communal existence as well as private or intimate environment.

The event is organised by an artistic group Black Dwarf and Black Dwarf Foundation which associate a hundred individuals at home and abroad.


Sunday, July 01
14.00 Britt Al-Busultan – experimental film workshops – The Palace of Ostromecko
16.00 Agnieszka Taborska – authorial meeting/literature – The Palace of Ostromecko
17.30 Józef Jodkowski – Original recital of confines songs – the Old Palace in Ostromecko
19.00 Official Opening of 5th edition of Noncoincidental Encounters / Eye Never Sleeps / The Face and The Mask – introduction by Prof. Zbigniew Mikołejko – the Palace of Ostromecko
Accompanying events at the Palace of Ostromecko
• Łukasz Owczarzak – In search of a lost body (photography exhibition)
•  Kuba Elwertowski – It’s me (installation in the palace garden)
•  Andrzej Kaliski & Jacek Puzinowski – Children’s Room ( installation)
•  Britt Al-Busultan – Razzle Dazzle (performance)
•  Arts Dump – Grzegorz Pleszyński/painting, Irmina Pisarek/ drawings,
Peter Alexander Grodzki/ objects and video installation, Waldemar Malak/ painting, Andrzej Kaliski/ graphics

21.00 Bydgoszcz premier of the film Sculptor with a camera with live music performance of The Beat Freaks (premiered at the Cracow Film Festival June 01,
2018) – author’s meeting with Marcin Giżycki – art historian, writer, director – the Palace of Ostromecko

Monday, July 02
12.00 Britt Al-Busultan – experimental film workshops – the Palace of Ostromecko
15.00 Agnieszka Taborska – Behind the mask, Another mask. I’ll never stop unveiling new faces – masquerade of Claude Cahun and Mai Deren (lecture and screening of Meshes of the Afternoon – the Palace of Ostromecko
18.30 Dadaist poker (transborder panel discussion), the Court of Artus in Toruń. Invited guests include: Anda Rottenberg, Agnieszka Taborska, Zbigniew Mikołejko, Bogdan Dziworski, Grzegorz Pleszyński, Marcin Giżycki. Hosted by Piotr Pękala.
21.00 Czesław Mozil – Solo Act – concert at the Court of Artus, Toruń (invitations only)
22.00 night sightseeing in Toruń

Tuesday, July 03
12.00 Britt Al-Busultan – experimental film workshops – the Palace of Ostromecko
13.00 , 22.00 Krzysztof Nowicki – screening of Leocadia’s Dream
14.00 Angelika Fojtuch – performance
16.00 Izabela Plucińska – animated movie / master class. Screening of: Sexy Laundry, Abend, Darling, Liebling – live music by Artur Maćkowiak – the Palace of Ostromecko
19.00 Zbigniew Mikołejko – Postmortem masks: forgotten modernity – the Palace of Ostromecko
22.00 meditation concert of Rezonans – the Palace of Ostromecko
00.00 Black Dwarf Social Choir – opera based on a novel by Agnieszka Taborska Unfinished Life of Phoebe Hicks (Prologue, Act I, Act II) – the Old Palace in Ostromecko

Wednesday, July 04
14.00 Krystyna Mazurówna – author’s meeting/ literature – the Palace of Ostromecko
16.00 Urszula Ussakowska-Wolff – Eve & Adele – in anticipation of… – the Palace of Ostromecko
17.00 Anda Rottenberg – author’s meeting – the Palace of Ostromecko
19.00 Zbigniew Mikołejko Vampire has more than one name – a lacture at the BWA Bydgoszcz City Gallery (transport provided)
21.00 Antidepressant Academy of Sound (the Palace of Ostromecko terrace)
FACES – Grzegorz Pleszyński, Kacper Buńkowski, Kevin Górzyński
MASKS – Daga Grgorowicz, Sławomir Szudrowicz, Jacek Cichocki

Accompanying events at the Palace of Ostromecko
Emilia Orzechowska – interventions in space – performative activities
Lucyna Viale – interventions in space – performative activities
Sylwia Więckowska – consultation on film productions grants

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