8 April 2019

Film zainspirowany obrazem pioniera polskiej animacji Zenona Wasilewskiego „Wieczór”. Pustynna przestrzeń ze wzgórzami w tle zalana purpurowym światłem zachodzącego słońca.

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Social Opera

21 September 2018

The “Social Opera” project comprises the preparation of the opera performance titled “Phoebe Hicks”, based on the fragments of Agnieszka Taborska’s works, by the inter-generational Black Dwarf’s Social Choir – from writing the libretto, preparing costumes, music, make-up, choreography, to its advertising and giving performances. The integral part of the project will comprise activities aimed at developing the competences of very young people, adults and the elderly...

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The Master and the Rose / Twardowski in Bydgoszcz

20 July 2018

The activity realised as part of the Bydgoszcz City Hall’s Project “Bydgoszcz Kręci”, by the Czarny Karzeł Foundation. As a result, a music video was created.
The music video will combine new forms of artistic expression with the elements of the traditional legend (a legend of Master Twardowski different from the commonly known ones).

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Eye Never Sleeps. The Face and The Mask

19 June 2018

2018 International Noncoincidental Encounters Eye Never Sleeps will be held for the fifth time. Since the very beginning we have been treating these events as a celebration of miscellaneous visual arts hosting dozens of remarkable artists. Thanks to discussions, concerts, lectures or presentations, many collaborative projects have emerged, engaging many artists and scientists from all over the world. In 2018, the festival will take place at the Palace of Ostromecko, the Court of Artus in Toruń and BWA City Gallery in Bydgoszcz. The main theme this year is The Face and The Mask and its ideological basis has been formulated by Prof. Zbigniew Mikołejko.

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Fantastic holidays – 6th edition

15 June 2018

We invite you to the 6th edition of creative workshops, the aim of which is to spark the imagination of the participants through movie-related activities. Why movie-related? Film is a form of art that carries one away to the world of imagination the most. Working on the movies (at the film set) is often the unfulfilled dream of many people. The main topic of the 6th edition of the workshop will be animation. Children will create a story, present it in the form of pictures, create scenography and characters, and… animate them.

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Travelling Opera

22 May 2018

Travelling Opera means the 5 open air performances of the „Cristoforo Colombo” and “Andy Warhol” antidepressant opera at the most remote districts of Bydgoszcz, performed by the Czarny Karzeł Social Choir.

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Prologue. Face and Mask: Werner Herzog

22 May 2018

The exhibition presenting 20 photos from the cinematographic achievements of Werner Herzog focuses on showing similarity and inspiration between the paintings and director’s film language.

The exhibition, taking the form of a multimedia installation, evokes a peculiar gallery, in which like in a dream, film frames appear, portraits of heroes – a subconscious projection of undefined areas of reality.

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Fantastic Winter Holidays

17 February 2018

Fantastic Winter Holidays is the winter edition of the creative workshops that the Foundation has organised for several years for children, teenagers and adults, during the summer holidays..

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